Frequent Asked Questions

These are frequently asked questions of our online customers when buying lottery in our store:

Why don't you ship orders to European countries?
There are several reasons why we do not deliver orders outside of Spanish territory, all in benefit of our customers. On the one hand shipping costs are quite high, especially if you want delivery within a few days. On the other hand and the main reason: awarded tickets can only be cashed in a lottery branch shop in Spain. We offer the free bank deposit service (avoiding shipping) and we credit your winnings to the bank account you specify. If it's a Spanish bank account then any fee payment is charged, and if it's a non-Spanish bank account then cost of transferring from our bank is charged. We do not charge any commission for making payments. NOTE: If it lucky with one of the jackpot, the prize must be collected personally at the LAE (State Lotteries).

Why purchases from countries other than European ones aren't allowed?
We do not accept purchases from non-European countries due to high fees charged by banks for transfers to these countries in case that your lottery tickets would be awarded.

I live in a country outside Europe (USA, South America ,...) but I have a bank account in Spain. How I can buy?
If you live in a country outside Europe but you have a bank account in a Spanish bank or in an European bank, please contact us by email and give the right signals to carry out your purchase.

Can you explain me a little more about Bank Deposit option? Is it for free?
The bank deposit service is completely FREE. Only a minimum purchase of 100 € is required.
With this service you will not have to pay shipping costs and your purchase is deposited in the Ibercaja Bank Office. Upon confirmation of payment for your purchase, we place your lottery tickets on that bank office and send you an email with a copy of the deposit receipt issued by the bank for your safety.

How do I collect a prize if it's deposited at bank?
If your lottery tickets are prized we will credit them to the bank account that you specify. If it's a Spanish bank account then any fee payment will be charged, and if it's an European bank account we will deduct the bank transferring fees. We do not charge any commission for making payments.
NOTE: If you win one of the main prizes, then it must be collected personally at LAE (Spanish National Lottery Agency).

I placed an order, what is the normal process?
After placing an order you will immediately receive an email with details of your purchase. Once payment has been verified, in the next 1 to 3 business days depending on workload, we started managing your order and send you an email telling you that your order status has been changed to "In Process" . Once the bank deposit has been arranged we will send you a copy of the bank receipt and your purchase status will be changed to "Deposited in the Bank" and an email is sent informing you.

Is it safe paying by credit card?
The credit card payment is made directly through the 4B secure payment platform. All communications with the payment platform are made secure, encrypted form, ensuring the transaction and the confidentiality of your card.

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